10th Anniversary of Camerata Flamenco Project New Cd/Dvd “Flamenco Impressions”, recorded alive on April 2014, released by Karonte Records.

“Impressions” is a performance project that integrates musical identity of contemporary flamenco with pieces of French Impressionism, and create authentic classical avant-garde. The dialogue by two musical languages reachs by play cello-piano-flute trio. Camerata Flamenco Project sound looks for contemporary feel about Ravel, Satie and Debussy master pieces with flamenco styles like tarantas, seguiriyas and tanguillos.


This work illustrates their knowledge of flamenco, jazz and classical and traditional world music and great skill at using these resources to create a dynamic and diverse musical style.

AvantGarde is the newly released album of Camerata Flamenco Project. Songs such as “AvantGarde” or “Entre dos aguas” this one a tribute to the great master Paco de Lucia, witness to the deep knowledge of the roots of flamenco from which they take their rhythmic patterns and their energy and passion. Flamenco merges with jazz on “Entre corrientes” while “Intencity” dives into the world of tango music. From a chamber music approach they create ”Despedidas” and “Nanantas” which reaffirms the uniqueness of the Camerata FlamencoProject proposal, dedication and commitment to quality music. On the show they play with great dancer Leonor Leal who dance soleá and bulerías styles with brilliant flamenco singer from Granada Antonio Campos who sing in songs seguiriya and tangos. Swing Flamenco. Jazz Camerata. Avant Garde.

Camerata Flamenco Project, Has been performing this show both with classical chamber orchestra and symphonic orchestra.


The show has twoo parts, a first one solo Trio and a second one where both formations meet to play the suite flamenco AVANT GARDE’, original score arranged for this orchestra meeting.
The encounter of both music worlds gives to this show a unique touch of originality, where the junction of the Flamenco Music with the consistency of the orchestra explores new soundscapes with a great expres sivity. The
trio as soloist, widely assambled after more than 10 years playing together. The orchestra as a fancy and dynamic support. This show has been performed with the Camerata Arcangelo Corelli of Malaga, at
the Malaga University 2014 opening, Cervantes Theater, Malaga and Avanti! Summer Music Fest, Finland, with the Avanti Orchestra conducted by Dima Slobodeniuk.